• Image of Boss Bag (black) + FREE SHIPPING
  • Image of Boss Bag (black) + FREE SHIPPING

HEIGHT: 30cm + 14cm handle
WIDTH: 30cm
GUSSET: 20cm
MATERIAL: 270gsm thick, heavy duty Jute

For all work-from-cafe ladies who want a stylish, practical-sized bag to carry all your businessy stuff, this Boss bag is for you!

It comfortably fits my Business Planner, Work Pad and plenty of other papery must-have work tools. A 15" laptop would fit vertically and you'd still be able to carry the handle nicely (along with heaps of other stuff). A 13" would fit any orientation, no probs!

This glorious bag is made from 100% Natural Jute and is environmentally friendly, durable and reusable! It's lined on the inside so if you smoosh a doughnut in it, it can be wiped clean easily. It's also got thick round padded handles which gives them a super comfortable hand-feel!

The vinyl text is my own handiwork so they are made/ironed to order!

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